BWISE Solutions, a leader known for its commitment to excellence in the ERP and logistics field, is proud to announce the addition of NRS Logistics America Inc. to its distinguished list of clients.

About NRS Logistics America:

NRS Logistics America Inc., based in White Plains, New York was founded on May 21, 1990. NRS Logistics America is a wholly owned subsidiary of NRS Corporation based in Tokyo Japan. NRS was founded in 1946 and is comprised of several wholly owned subsidiaries, each offering industry-specific services within the chemical supply chain.  With the aim of safe and secure chemical logistics, while focusing on international standardization of domestic laws and regulations, NRS succeeded in promoting modern hazardous logistics in China and other Asian countries.

Quote from NRS Logistics America Inc:

“NRS selected BWISE as a partner to support the expansion in North America to take advantage with the platform flexibility to be customized to the demanding and on ever changing landscape of supply chain management. Their WMS allows NRS to meet the strict storage conditions for chemical compatibility, meeting IFC requirements, and customers individual requirements. The platform also allows NRS to consolidate multiple applications into one, to operate our business on one platform allowing operations efficiencies.”

– Yuichi Sato, NRS LOGISTICS AMERICA INC. – President

Why NRS Logistics America Chose BWISE Solutions:

  • A customized SAP Business One & WISE™ implementation plan that perfectly fits the complex needs of NRS’s chemical distribution operation.
  • A complete full end-to-end solution that bridges front office operations with logistics.
  • Best-in-class solution not only in ERP but also in WMS and 3PL operations.
  • A solution that adheres to all the stringent chemical regulations and legislations in the U.S.

Quote from BWISE Solutions:

“I am thrilled about NRS Logistics’ choice to partner with BWISE for their North American expansion. Our WMS, with its unparalleled flexibility, is tailored to meet the dynamic demands of supply chain management, ensuring compliance with strict storage conditions, chemical compatibility, and individual customer needs. This collaboration reflects our commitment to operational efficiency, allowing NRS to consolidate multiple applications seamlessly. I’m confident this partnership will exceed expectations, and I look forward to the success it will bring.”

– Mady Lessing, BWISE Solutions Marketing Director

About BWISE Solutions:

BWISE is a versatile business management system that can be implemented across all facets of warehouse and front office operations, facilitating optimal business performance through the efficient management of tasks, operations, budgets, and productivity tracking. BWISE provides an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that requires relatively minimal setup and little IT overhead approach to allow businesses to monitor and measure performance, identify problems and opportunities, streamline operations, and improve agility in real-time. This allows organizations to make informed -decisions quickly and efficiently. BWISE also offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing the identification of areas of improvement and developing strategies for long-term success.