Successful ERP training is a continuous process. It starts as soon as we become partners in your strategic journey. It is our mandate that our customers are referenceable and deeply knowledgeable about their solution. Your training is core to this objective. With this in mind, our training is centered on knowledge transfer. It all begins with a vast array of materials in your Learning Materials Library – online 24/7 for the entire duration of our relationship. There are digital materials, videos, how-to tutorials, and software embedded help – enabled by the vast resources of SAP and the BWISE industry-specific knowledge.

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The Implementation Process

The entire implementation process is about knowledge transfer to your core team. Through our “Train the Trainer’ approach, the knowledge, power, and capability of your solution are transferred during the implementation process. Through the implementation, your team becomes the true Power Users of the solution and are capable to run, maintain and optimize your solution. The knowledge of how to enable existing users and onboard new users rests within your organization. Self-sufficiency and self-sustainability are transferred to you through implementation.

As you would expect we are always available to augment your training with customer-specific classroom training – on-site or at our facilities.

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