Third-Party Integration / Customization

As ERP solutions evolve, it is inevitable that there are functional needs, point solutions, and leading technologies that outpace the core of ERP. There is, therefore, a need to thread this evolution seamlessly back into the core ERP so as to ensure the integrity of your end-to-end solution.

It is with this in mind that BWISE has created the forward-looking methodology to accommodate industry differentiating capabilities that you use to separate yourself from your competitors, without losing the priority of having a truly integrated end-to-end solution.

Third Party Integration

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Our methodology ensures that as your needs evolve, as BWISE moves forward and technologies change, your BWISE ERP solution is always synchronous with these dynamics.

BWISE is part of your team. Supporting and enabling your vision moving forward.

Whether it is using our open REST APIs or our Universal Adaptor (UA), we maintain the ultimate flexibility in integration – from small customizations to full functioning extensions to 3rd party complimentary add-ons – you are always in control of your future with all levels of connectivity.

Whether it is your IT staff with only our advisory assistance, or you are using us as a business process extension, or even a full IT extension of your organization – we flexibly adapt to your specific requirement.

We have the experience and expertise to ensure the success and full connectivity of your mission-critical ERP solution.

3PL Integration

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