The SAP Business One Mobile Suite

Enables you to manage your business from anywhere at any time.

Using an iPhone /Android device, you can manage your entire organization, control the supply chain, create the most productive workforce, and enable the business to continue wherever you are.

SAP Business One Mobile Suite

SAP Business One mobile suite supports three mobile apps.

  • SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • SAP Business One Sales App
  • SAP Business One Service App
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SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android

With the SAP Business One mobile app for Android or iOS, you can manage business partner data, view reports and business content, process approval requests, keep track of sales opportunities, and much more.

SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS and Android

Key features:

  • Sales Catalog
  • Activities
  • Approvals and alerts
  • Business partners
  • Inventory and price lists
  • Sales documents
  • Sales opportunities
  • Service contract and service call
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Online Help
  • Attachments
SAP Business One Mobile App

SAP – Business One Mobile Sales

SAP – Business One Mobile Sales

Sell smarter with the SAP Business One Sales mobile app for iOS/Android.

The mobile app is designed to support customers representing small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) as well as subsidiaries of large enterprises. The app is tailored to the unique digital needs of sales professionals and lets you effectively handle your sales activities anywhere, anytime.

SAP – Business One Mobile Sales 2

The mobile app connects to the SAP Business One application, giving salespeople access to the most relevant business information and processes, for efficient and successful management of customers and sales. It includes features such as pipeline management, inventory review, price quotation, and order placement.

The mobile app is suited for use in the 26 vertical industries that SAP software supports, including retail, consumer products, wholesale distribution, professional services, manufacturing, and high-tech.

SAP – Business One Mobile Service

The SAP Business One Service mobile app for iOS and Android phones was developed specifically to meet the unique needs of field technicians and aid in their ability to successfully provide on-site services for their clients.

SAP – Business One Mobile Service

Maintenance technicians can call customers, view customer addresses on maps, review assigned service tickets, and resolve them instantly using their mobile devices.

SAP – Business One Mobile Service 2

They can also scan bar codes or QR codes to identify items and update information, create and view sales orders for service tickets, and scan bar codes to identify items.

SAP – Business One Mobile Service 3

By connecting remote maintenance technicians directly to the main SAP Business One ERP application and CRM data via their mobile devices, you will increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

BWISE – WMS Mobile: Industry-Leading Mobile Technology

Available for BWISE or its standalone sibling WISE.

BWISE WMS Mobile gives you the ability to configure business processes quickly and affordably to satisfy changing requirements. It has all the functionality needed to address today’s warehouse challenges and makes use of cutting-edge cell technology to significantly increase productivity in warehouses without, or requiring RF capabilities. However, you can also combine mobile and RF inside your warehouse.

BWISE – WMS Mobile

The software for BWISE Mobile is stored on mobile devices, making it totally independent. As long as you have cell coverage, you can upload to the main system at any time. And gain access to :

  • Order entry
  • Inventory control
  • Receive
  • Putaway
  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Ship
  • Deliver
  • Signature Capture

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